No 43 channel cleared, Corentyne fishers can navigate

As of yesterday morning, fishermen were able to head out to the Corentyne River, after a section of the mud which was blocking the Number 43 Village channel was flushed out via the sluice in the village.

After the pump was unable to remove the blockage on Monday, Region Six Chairman David Armogan gave the go ahead to open the Number 43 sluice in order to clear at least part of the blockage so as to bring some relief to the Corentyne fishermen.

Stabroek News was told that yesterday morning three boats were able to cross, since part of the blockage had been removed.

According to one fisherman, other fishermen were in the process of loading their boats yesterday midday to head out to fish as well.

The men said that they are thankful for the assistance which was given to them by the regional chairman.

Armogan on Monday had explained that the pump was started for four hours, however, after that did not have much of an impact, a decision was made to open the sluice in hopes that the water flow would clear a section of the blockage which it did.

Several Corentyne fishermen had been stuck at sea because the channel was blocked.  Additionally, close to one hundred others remained at home since they could not get to the river.

The fishermen on Saturday had said that they were stunned at the huge build-up of mud as in their many years of fishing they had never witnessed such before.

This newspaper was told that fishermen after waiting at the head of the channel for more than two days decided to head to the Number 65 Village, Corentyne channel in order to offload their catch. However, according to the fishermen, while heading to the Number 65 channel may be a temporary solution, it is an expensive one, which may cut into the fisherman’s profits.


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