Murdered remigrant trial deferred

Though set to commence yesterday morning, the trial of Kevon Alfred, who is accused of murdering 75-year-old remigrant Joyce Lewis, has now been adjourned to next Monday.

This is to facilitate him retaining another lawyer, as attorney Stanley Moore who had had been initially retained, is now unable to represent him due to other obligations.

In the circumstances, Justice Navindra Singh who will be conducting the trial, has adjourned the matter to Monday morning at 9.

A jury was empanelled on Monday to hear the case.

The indictment against Alfred is that he murdered Lewis during a robbery, between March 25th and March 26th, 2014.

He has denied the charge.

Alfred is being represented by attorney Stanley Moore, while the state is being represented by prosecutors Abigail Gibbs, Narissa Leander and Tiffini Lyken, who together will be calling 15 witnesses.

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