Two women homeless after D’Urban St blaze

The remains of the burnt house.

Two elderly woman are now homeless after an early morning fire, suspected to be an act of arson destroyed their D’Urban Street, Lodge home.

The fire which began around 1am yesterday is suspected to have started in the upper flat of the Lot 59, D’Urban Street concrete structure.

The house is occupied by two women: Ingrid Barry and a female security guard, who lived in separate apartments.

However, at the time, Barry was the only one at home. The security guard was at work when she learnt of the incident.

Stabroek News was reliably informed that while arson is suspected, an investigation has been launched by the Guyana Fire Service.

While efforts to contact the occupants proved fruitless, a resident who wished not to be named related to reporters how grateful she was that Barry was not hurt.

The woman said she was alerted to the fire after she heard screams coming from the house. Upon checking, the woman said she saw thick smoke issuing from the building.

“Nobody knows how it start, she (Barry) say she feel something, she hear like something pelt in the house and when she get up now and look in the bedroom she see the fire”, the woman noted.

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