Three weeks on…Mahaicony guard still missing

Rakesh Bhajnram

Almost three weeks since a Mahaicony guard was reported missing, family members are still unable to determine his whereabouts.

Rakesh Bhajnram, 34, a guard at the Mahaicony Primary School for the past eight years, was reported missing by his sister after he could not be found on January 30. Relatives had indicated that Bhajnram was last seen on Tuesday, January 30, when relatives took him to the Mahaicony hospital where he received medical treatment and was sent home.

Bhajnram’s eldest sister told this newspaper that her brother suffered from a slight nerve problem and feared that something has happened to him.

Relatives yesterday said that despite all their efforts to locate Bhajnram, there has been no sign of him. They noted that police from the Mahaicony and Cove and John Police Station, have also conducted their own investigations but have been unsuccessful.

Anyone with information can contact Jairam on 686-1834.

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