Police probing two armed robberies at Enmore

The police say they are investigating reports of armed robberies on two Enmore, ECD families early this morning allegedly by three masked males, all of whom were armed with handguns.

Police say that investigations have revealed that at  about 2 am, Chatterpaul Persaud and his wife were confronted by the suspects who gained entry into their one-flat home via a southern door and relieved them of a quantity of gold jewellery and a sum of cash. During the attack, Persaud was dealt several lashes to his head after which the couple’s hands were bound.

The police say that the bandits then proceeded to Persaud’s parent’s home which is adjacent and allegedly relieved his 51-year-old mother of cash and jewellery. Her husband, who was sleeping in another room, was not disturbed.

Chatterpaul Persaud received treatment at the Mahaicony Cottage Hospital and was sent away.

Investigators are currently obtaining statements and processing the scenes, in the presence of their newly installed Commander, Senior Superintendent Edmond Cooper.

No arrest has yet been made.

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