Smyth St Nursery, Graham’s Hall Primary among Children’s Mash winners

The Graham’s Hall Primary float, which was made to look like Guyana’s Arapaima. It won 1st place in its category

The winners of this year’s Children’s Mashramani Costume and Float Parade competitions were announced yesterday by the Ministry of Education.

In a press statement, the Ministry noted that the categories that the various bands competed in were: Nursery Band, Primary Band, Secondary Band, Other Children’s Organisations and Regional Presentation.

In the Nursery Band Category, Smyth Street Nursery came in first place, winning a trophy and $100,000 for its presentation, called “Protector of El Dorado. “We Came First.”

Starters Nursery came in second with its presentation, called “Kaleidoscope,” which earned it an $80,000 cash prize along with a trophy. Lodge Nursery, with “One People, One Nation Celebrating our Liquid Gold,” and Head Start Nursery, with “Celebration of Our People, Their Journey to Guyana,” came in third and fourth place, respectively.

The winners of the Primary Band category was Graham’s Hall Primary, with its float, named “Guyana’s Arapaima,” which earned it a prize of $120,000 cash and a trophy. North Georgetown Primary came in second with “Frolic in the Sun” and won $100,000 and a trophy. St Anne’s Primary, with “Pollination,” and St Ambrose, with their presentation, “Protection for Your Financial Reputation,” came in third and fourth place, respectively.

South Ruimveldt Secondary came out on top for the Secondary Bands, with its presentation titled “Transcending Guyana’s Musical Legacy” copping first place and earning it $120,000 along with a trophy. Tutorial High School came in second place with its presentation, called “Creativity Giving Identity to Society,” which won it $100,000 along with a trophy. In third place, winning $80,000 together with a trophy, was St John’s College, with its presentation, titled “Guyana the Ultimate Tourism Destination.” Kingston Secondary came in fourth place with its presentation, titled “Recycling and Upcycling.”

The Other Children’s Organisations Category was topped by the Hinterland Scholarship Students, with their presentation, “Celebration of our Culture.” They were awarded a trophy and $100,000. The National School of Dance came in second with “Easter Fest Through the Eyes of a Child” and won $80,000 along with a trophy. Craft Production and Design’s presentation, called “With Craft We Shall Celebrate, When Integrated Guyana Remains Great,” came in third, earning them $60,000 along with a trophy. Open Doors Centre came in fourth, with its presentation “Celebrating Our Cultures Organisation and Festivals.”

Region Three (Essequibo Islands, West Demerara) with “Celebration and Cooperation Through Diversification and Protection,” came in first place in the Regional Category. Region two, with its presentation called “From the Farm to the Pot,” Region Six with “Rice Ah We Ting 48 and Still Celebrating” and Region Four with “Sustaining Development Through Quality Education, Leadership Enterprise & Cooperation,” came in second, third and fourth place, respectively.

In the individual presentations, Jaden Broomes, with “The World’s Beauty,” and Oshay Roberts, with “Education Technology,” came in first and Second place, respectively.

The parade was held in Georgetown last Saturday.

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