NA Multi head teacher, deputy to be reassigned

-following unrest at school

The Head Teacher and Deputy Head Teacher of the New Amsterdam Multilateral School will be reassigned to other institutions to alleviate tension among staff, who just weeks ago had requested transfers amid claims of racial tension and other issues.

The Ministry of Education, in a statement on Monday, related that a meeting was recently held between the Chairman of the school’s board, the Region 6’s Regional Chairman, the Chairman of the Education Committee of Region 6, the President of the Guyana Teachers Union, the  Chief Education Officer, the Deputy Chief Education Officer, and other senior education officials.

It was stated that a decision was made that would result in improved performance at the school, and the “smooth administration” of the institution.  The decision was not revealed. However, a source told Stabroek News that the decision calls for the two senior teachers at the heart of the issue to be removed from the school, and transferred to separate institutions.

Stabroek News previously reported that 12 of 29 teachers at the New Amsterdam Secondary School (NAMS) had sought transfers amid divisions at the institution.

According to information gathered, a meeting was held with 29 teachers of the high school and the president of the Parent-Teacher Association (PTA) in early January, 2018, where racial tension, mismanagement of finances and the school’s leadership were among the main issues discussed. The following day a meeting was held at the school with parents, where they were informed of the ongoing issues.

Chairman of Region Six, David Armogan stressed at a recent press briefing that if the issues were not tackled immediately there was a possibility this would further affect the teachers and their ability to perform their jobs to the highest level. Students would also be affected, he added.

The chairman further explained that when the matter first came up at the school, a senior teacher was transferred to another school after an investigation was launched. However, he said, “… the transfer was rescinded as a result of representation made at a certain political level.”

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