Guards injured at ‘Sunrise Fete’

Two security guards were yesterday morning attacked and injured by a group of four men aftter a fight broke out at the ‘Sunrise Fete,’ which was hosted by the 704 Sports Bar.

Stabroek News learned that the incident occurred around 5.45 am yesterday at the 704 Sports Bar’s parking lot, located in the vicinity of Lamaha and Albert streets, Georgetown.

During the attack, security guards, Jermaine Adams, 33 and Kenrick Maynard, 34, of Kuru Kururu, Soesdyke-Linden Highway, sustained injuries and were subsequently rushed to the hospital.

Adams was on duty at the event, which held early yesterday morning, when he observed a fight some distance away from the bar.

As a result, he approached the scene in an attempt to calm the situation, when one of the individuals in the group, known as ‘Whistle,’ allegedly dealt him a blow to his left eye with a beer bottle. He fell to the ground and was allegedly attacked by three other persons, who were in the company of ‘Whistle.’

Upon realising what was happening, Adams discharged a round into the air, resulting in the dispersal of the crowd.

‘Whistle’ and his accomplices, who were leaving, subsequently attacked Maynard, dealing him several lashes to his face and other parts of the body, before fleeing the scene.

A report was then made to the supervisor, who informed the police and they arrived at the scene. ‘Whistle’ and his accomplices had, by then, fled the scene and were being pursued by the police up to last evening.

Adams’ firearm was lodged at the Brickdam Police Station.

The incident bought an end to the ‘Sunrise Fete.’

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