Ministry mediates dispute between parents, teachers at Rama Krishna school

A senior Ministry of Education official recently visited the Rama Krishna Primary School to resolve issues between the teachers and parents, after the latter staged a protest over the conditions at the institution.

A few weeks ago, parents had staged a picketing exercise outside of the school to air their grievances, which included the fact that children were unable to access their classrooms after arriving at school as they were greeted by locked doors.

According to a press release issued by the Education Ministry on Monday, as a result of the meeting the locks on the classroom doors were changed and copies of the keys were provided to both the class teachers and the headmistress. It was also noted that both a parent and teacher involved in a court case with each other agreed to discontinue their respective complaints and apologised to each other for their previous misunderstanding.

Education Ministry Public Relations Officer Brushell Blackman said that much of the issues identified during the meeting had to do with “personalities not aligning” and according to the release, teachers were “encouraged to transform the image of Rama Krishna Primary School and to form themselves into a strong team.”

It was also related that there are plans to have a community drive, where the teachers, along with officials from the ministry, will engage community members in order to create partnerships with stakeholders. It is planned for next month.

“The Ministry of Education takes seriously the welfare of the nation’s children and will always make decisions that are in their best interest. Towards this end, the Ministry of Education will continue to work closely with parents and teachers to ensure that children realise their full potential,” the release said.

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