Canje Creek logger loses third engine to thieves

Where the boat was docked at the New Amsterdam Market Wharf

Thieves on Wednesday stole a Canje Creek logger’s boat and engine after he docked at the New Amsterdam Market Wharf the day before.
The man was able to retrieve his boat at a different location in Berbice on Friday, however, his engine costing $1.9M is still missing.
According to a relative, Brentnol Gallay, 41, a logger used his boat to transport persons and items in and out of the area.

The relative noted that Gallay, relatives and friends launched a search for the boat and engine after it was stolen and on Friday they discovered the boat, valued at $500,000, tucked under a tree in the Berbice River, some distance away from the wharf.
The relative said this is the third time in one year that the logger has lost his engine. “All we finding back all the time is the boat”, the female relative said.
Stabroek News was told that it is believed that the thieves attacked via the river since persons entering the market to access the wharf would have to log their names.
“If somebody pass in, they know the time and when they coming out back they know, these people (thieves) don’t come through the market they come from the river because if they come through the market them gone see, it get cameras all in the market”, she said.
The woman said the matter has since been reported to the New Amsterdam Police Station. She called for more policing to be done along the Berbice River. “We need patrols, people always losing them boat and engines, it increasing rapidly now, we go report, nothing isn’t done, we got to save to buy back and it expensive”, she said.

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