Industry businessman succumbs after beating by doctor’s son

Hazrat Shaffie

An Industry, East Coast Demerara (ECD) businessman succumbed at the Georgetown Public Hospital yesterday morning, three days after he was brutally beaten while visiting his doctor.

Police said that the suspect in the murder of Hazrat Shaffie, of 114 Fifth Street, Industry, who was the proprietor of the Advance Furniture Factory at Coldingen, ECD, is to be charged today at the Sparendaam Magistrate’s Court.

Shaffie was rushed to the Georgetown Public Hospital in an unconscious state after the attack on Friday evening and he was admitted in the Intensive Care Unit. He succumbed around 5 am yesterday.

The front of the doctor’s residence where Hazrat Shaffie was reportedly attacked.

According to a police statement, the 29-year-old suspect, who is a Medical Administrator of Temple Street, Ogle, ECD, attacked Shaffie and was seen kicking him repeatedly.

The results of an autopsy that was conducted yesterday gave the cause of Shaffie’s death as haemorrhage and shock due to multiple injuries.

The deceased’s brother, Asif Shaffie, yesterday related that on Friday night his brother went to Temple Street for a medical examination by Dr Nelson Sinclair, when he was attacked. The attacker is said to be the doctor’s son.

Asif told this publication that the attack occurred sometime between 7 pm and 8 pm on Friday. He explained that his brother was in his car, when his attacker, who had just returned home, drove up to him.

“From what we were told is that he hit my brother vehicle on the left side and then pulled him out of the vehicle and started to kick him up and stomp him,” the brother related.

Asif added that neighbours related to him that the suspect would stop at intervals and then resume his attack.

The brother went on to explain that after nieghbours heard the commotion, they yelled at the suspect to desist from what he was doing but he paid them no mind.

“Even the father said he tried to stop him but he turned to attack the father and the father went back into the yard,” he noted.

After the attack, a resident from the street contacted one of Hazrat’s neighbours, who informed his family of the attack.

As a result, a close friend, who was also alerted, rushed to the location in a taxi and found Hazrat in an unconscious state. He was then rushed to the Georgetown Hospital.

Hazrat, Stabroek News was told, suffered broken ribs, an injury to his left eye, facial fractures, internal bleeding and injuries to his head.

“My brother wasn’t in the best of health, so he wasn’t able to run or fight off the man,” Asif added.

When Stabroek News visited the scene yesterday, one neighbour explained she heard the commotion but was home alone and she did not come out of her house. At the doctor’s residence, the doors to the home and adjoining office were closed.

Hazrat was laid to rest yesterday according to Muslim rites.


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