Woman robs Corentyne driver at gunpoint, torches car

The car after the fire

A Corentyne  hire car driver was left in a state of shock after a woman robbed him of $2,000, one Blu cellphone costing $4,000 and then burnt his car valued $850,000 at the Number 63 beach, minutes to 7 yesterday morning.

Ravendra Mohabir, 32, a hire car driver for two years now of Lot 184 Number 59 Village, Corentyne told Stabroek News that he left home during the wee hours of yesterday  to assist a friend with his car at Number 64 Village, Corentyne.

He said he was then heading home around 6.30 am in his Toyota Carina (192), HB 7773, when he saw the woman standing at the Number 61 Village bus shed with a “yellow quake” in her hand.

“She stop me and say she going (Number) 63 beach to buy bangamary, so me ask she how much she go pay me and she say $2,000, me tell she jump in the car and me go carry she”, he said.

However, as the driver entered the Number 63 beach main entrance, the woman reportedly directed him to head to another entrance, where she then pulled a gun from her quake and placed it to his head, since she was sitting in the back seat behind the driver.

“She tell me give she everything me got and me tell she me only get the $2,000 wah she pay me, me had me phone in the same pocket me put the $2,000, so me pull out all two and give she and she tell me run”, he said.

According to Mohabir, the woman, who seemed to be in her late 30’s, became angry after he told her that he did not have any money on him except what she had given to him.

He noted that he left the car engine on and ran as fast as he could, as he was scared for his life.

“Me run and meet one old man and me ask for a phone call and tell he wah happen and he ain’t get phone but he say when he come out he see the car smoking, but me been frighten to go back”, Mohabir said.

Mohabir ran all the way to the Number 62 Village police outpost where he informed ranks of what had transpired. He said, he and several ranks returned to the scene where they discovered his car on fire and the female perpetrator nowhere in sight.

Mohabir said the woman wore a long, white-sleeved shirt and black jeans. He further noted that persons in the area have since told him that there have been rumours that a woman is robbing drivers in that area, however, it was the first time residents had heard that someone’s car was burnt.

The police have launched an investigation and are on the hunt for the woman.

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