Rural constable shot in Laing Ave melee

-lance corporal in custody over wounding of painter

The police say they are investigating the circumstances surrounding an incident at Laing Avenue,Charlestown about 11.30 last night that resulted in a Rural Constable attached to the Brickdam Police Station nursing a gunshot wound to his lower back at the GPHC.
An investigation, police say, has revealed that a resident of Laing Avenue had an unapproved entertainment activity in the community and a 22 year-old painter of Independence Boulevard went with a ‘drinks cart’ to sell and was denied permission by a Joint Services Lance Corporal who was reportedly providing security for the event; an argument ensued between the painter and the security and the latter allegedly dealt the other a chop to his left arm with a cutlass.
A group of irate persons then reportedly attacked and assaulted the security . The Rural Constable who was present rescued the security and placed him in the motor car of the Lance Corporal and drove off when someone shot him.
Both men were rushed to the the GPHC; the Rural Constable underwent emergency surgery and is presently in a stable condition whilst the other who was treated and sent away, has since been taken into custody and assisting with the investigation. The painter whom he allegedly wounded was admitted but later discharged.
The Rural Constable whose vehicle which was left at the scene after he taken to the hospital, was discovered in a trench in Laing Avenue.

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