Corentyne mother, toddler stable after ingesting poison

A young mother of Number 59 Village, Corentyne and her one-year-old son are presently hospitalised after ingesting a poisonous substance on Friday.
Sunday Stabroek has learned that the young woman, 19, and her husband, 23, were involved in a heated argument on Friday evening, after which the woman stormed out of their house with the toddler.
The husband later launched a search for the woman, who was discovered in a semi-conscious state in a clump of bushes along the Number 61 Village, Corentyne road. The toddler was sitting next to her, crying.
A police source told Sunday Stabroek that her relatives noticed a green substance at the corner of the woman’s mouth.
The woman subsequently told the police, who were part of the search, that out of anger she ingested “Gramoxone.” The source also noted that the woman claimed she also gave her son some of the poisonous substance to consume.
Both were taken to a hospital in the area, where they were admitted. They are both said to be stable.
The police have launched an investigation and are monitoring the woman.

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