East Bank taxi driver robbed of $375,000 by gunman

A Farm, East Bank Demerara, taxi driver was robbed of over $375,000 by a lone gunman yesterday morning on Hadfield Street, Georgetown at around 10 am.

Police said Rahim Waisali was in the vicinity of Ashmin’s Store when an unmasked man, armed with a hand gun, walked up to him, placed it to the left side of his neck and ordered him to hand over his money.

The taxi driver had travelled to Hadfield Street with the intention of buying some mining parts for Jonathan Baksh. As he was closing his car door, the bandit pounced on him.    Waisali, police said, reported that he was hesitant, but the determined bandit ran through his pockets and found $375,000 in cash and collected it.

After the robbery, the bandit jumped on a black XR motor cycle, on which a rider was waiting nearby, and headed south along High Street.

Police said no arrest has yet been made and checks are being made for the suspects.

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