Teen girl accused of repeated violent robbery remanded

A 17-year-old girl was yesterday remanded to prison after she was accused of robbing a man and using violence in the process.

Rhonda Junior, who pleaded not guilty, was refused bail by Georgetown Magistrate Leron Daly, who was told that the teen had been previously charged with a similar offence and escaped from custody.

The new charge states that on March 7th, at Brickdam, Junior robbed Walter Nero of a $5,000 phone and $5,000, and at the time of or immediately before or immediately after, used personal violence on the complainant.

The prosecutor noted that the case file was incomplete but went on to object to bail. According to the prosecutor, the defendant was previously charged with a similar offence and while in the court lock-ups for the crime, she escaped from custody. He noted that while on the run, she committed the present offence. She is also to be charged with escape from custody.

If granted bail, the prosecutor said, the defendant would not likely return to court.

Bail was subsequently denied and the teen was remanded to prison until April 4th.

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