Regent St vendor fatally stabbed at Buxton

A Regent Street clothing vendor was fatally stabbed this morning during an attack by a Buxton, East Coast Demerara resident.

The dead man,  Leon Delph, called “Solo”, 34, a father of three,  resided in Quamina Street, Georgetown.

Delph was reportedly attacked at around 6.30 am on the Buxton Railway Embankment where he had gone with friends to participate in the Buxton Mashramani celebrations.

Police in a statement said that at about 7 am today, the suspect saw Delph inside of a minibus on the Buxton Railway Embankment and he immediately approached and stabbed him in the region of his neck with a knife and ran away.

Although Delph was bleeding profusely, police said he armed himself with a broken bottle and a knife and pursued the suspect. After catching up with the suspect, he inflicted several wounds on him before he collapsed. Delph was rushed to the GPHC and was pronounced dead on arrival.

Leon Delph

When Stabroek News visited the community today some residents were tightlipped while others indicated surprise at the news. One resident told Stabroek News that the attack occurred within the vicinity of Middle Walk on the Railway Embankment and noted that the suspect pulled out a knife from his pocket and plunged it into Delph’s neck.

Over at Delph’s Quamina Street home, close family and friends had gathered and reflected on his life.

His reputed wife, Rushelly Frances was still trying to come to grips with the tragedy as she recalled  speaking to him on Saturday.

According to Frances, Delph had abstained from visiting Buxton in order to keep the peace between him and the suspect.  She explained that seven years ago on a Christmas Eve night the two had a dispute during which the suspect fell to his knees and vowed to “murder” Delph whenever he got the opportunity. She said she had encouraged Delph to report the issue but he did not.

The police today in their statement said the attack stemmed from a misunderstanding while the two men were prison inmates. At the time of their incarceration, Delph, they said had allegedly stabbed the suspect.

Fighting back tears,  Frances said she received a call at around 8 am informing her to go to the Georgetown Public Hospital.

“But before I could have make it to the hospital, one of his friends on the corner of Wellington and Regent streets where he sells, come and hug and tell me he is sorry  Solo didn’t make it,” she recounted.

Frances said she burst into tears but later composed herself  and went to the hospital where she identified him.

“He was in a pool of blood on the stretcher and a rainbow colour cloth was wrapped around his neck. The doctors told me before I went in that it was gruesome but I went still,” she said.

She explained that two of Delph’s friends managed to persuade him to attend the J’ouvert Party even though he had declined their invitation on several occasions.

“I hear they tell he that nothing can’t happen once they are around but I don’t know where they were when this happened. I haven’t even heard from them since…” she stated.

“They didn’t even take him to the hospital, somebody else took him… I don’t know where they are. They haven’t come around and tell us anything. I don’t know if they went to the police even… They call themselves friends and haven’t showed their face here yet to tell us anything,” Frances lamented.

Frances noted that Delph’s Identification card which was in his wallet and the jewellery he was wearing at the time were stolen.

Police are yet to arrest the suspect who reportedly escaped into the Buxton Backlands following the attack and searches are being conducted from him.

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