Contractor shot after leaving bank urges police to arrest suspects

Bisnauth Terry Chan

Bisnauth Terry Chan, the electrical contractor who was shot in his head during a robbery almost three weeks ago is calling on the police to capture the suspects while relating that the key witness is in fear of his life after spotting the attackers near his worksite at Linden during last week.

Chan yesterday related to Stabroek News that since the incident, there has been no progress in the investigation.

However, he explained that last Monday, the key witness in the matter; one of his colleagues who is currently working in Linden spotted the two suspects. “He (the witness) was scared to call the police, so he call me and tell me and right away I call the 911”, Chan explained to this newspaper.

He said while the female who answered the phone was every helpful, he is doubtful that the information was passed on and acted upon. “A female answer the phone and I tell she that this guy see these men (the suspects) on a motor cycle riding around Wismar side by the bridge and she tell me she would put me onto Mackenzie police station”, Chan further related.

He said after relating this information to the rank  at the police station via telephone, he was told that the information would be passed onto someone in higher authority who would send a patrol into the area. It is unclear, if such was done.

Contacted yesterday, Commander of ‘E’ Division (ag) Anthony Vanderhyden said he was not aware of any such information and as such was unable to state if the information was acted upon.

“The woman (rank who answered phone) even gave me some 444 number to call and get onto someone in charge there but I call and the phone ring out”, Chan said, while adding that he even called the investigating rank dealing with the matter. “…They and all tell me that they made some checks in some areas up this side (East Coast) but they aint get no body”, he said.

Chan, also known as ‘Snatcher,’ a father of two of Enmore Hope West, East Coast Demerara, was attacked and cornered at his Enmore Public Road worksite on February 21, after he was trailed from the Republic Bank (Guyana) Limited branch at Triumph.

Stabroek News had previously reported that Chan, who is employed with R. Kissoon Contracting Service, had visited the bank to cash a cheque, worth $800,000. While there, he transferred $200,000 to his bank account and took possession of the remainder to renovate his home.

He subsequently left the bank on his motorcycle for his worksite at Enmore Public Road. Upon arrival, he was cornered by one of two bandits, who shot him before relieving him of a bag containing the cash.

Chan related to Stabroek News that he suspected he was being trailed by a car after he left the bank.

Despite this, Chan had said he continued his journey and then observed a CG motorcycle proceeding at a fast rate towards him. The motorcycle, he said, had no number plate.

“When ah reach by Lusignan side, by the market deh, ah observe this bike but the bike was coming at a fast rate and I start accelerate and as I accelerate I lost them at a good distance but the car was still behind me and like [at] Melanie I see back the bike and the car, so I ride as fast as you could ride and when I watch back now, reaching by my worksite, the car was still there and the car pass slowly past the worksite, so I just park meh bike and tek out the helmet and come off and try fuh tek off the haversack and put in on the bench,” he had further explained.

At this point, he recalled hearing a loud noise. “…I hear a loud noise and I know was a gunshot. After I hear the noise now, I feel meh head, it get numb, the blood start drain and I tell meh foreman that I get shoot in meh head and the guy come and pull off the bag and seh ‘loose the [expletive]  bag’ and them ride off,” he said.

While all this was happening, the pillion rider remained seated on the motorcycle, which was parked on the opposite side of the road.

Chan who was hospitalised at the city private hospital was discharged and is currently recovering at home.

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