‘Tear drop’ freed of $1.1M robbery

Leon Clarke

Leon Clarke, known as ‘Tear Drop,’ was on Tuesday freed of a $1.1 million robbery charge after a city magistrate upheld a no-case submission made on his behalf.

The charge against Clarke, a hospital attendant of 64 West La Penitence, stated that on September 8th, 2017, he along with others robbed Vincent Howard of $980,000 cash, GTT phone cards valued at $75,000, Digicel phone cards valued at $50,000, and $80,000 worth of scratch tickets, amounting to $1,185,000 in total.

Clarke, who is well known for his distinct musical stylings on Facebook, was on trial before Magistrate Faith McGusty.

Attorney Keoma Griffith, who represented the accused, made a no-case submission, which was later upheld by the magistrate, who dismissed the charge.

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