Port Mourant family traumatised

Shanta Kalyan Dudhnath

A Port Mourant, Corentyne family of four is now traumatised after armed bandits invaded their home on Thursday evening, threatened their lives, assaulted them and then carted off over $1 million in jewellery and other valuables.

Shanta Kalyan Dudhnath, 34, of Lot 309 Area ‘R’ Ankerville, Port Mourant, said that at the time of the attack she, her husband, their nine-year-old son and her mother-in-law, 63, were present at the house.

The attack occurred shortly after 8 pm, as they were watching television and talking in their living room.

Four men carried out the attack, with one armed with a gun, two with cutlasses and the other with a piece of wood. “One a them come with a gun and put we to lay on the ground and say if we make any noise, them go shoot we,” said the woman.

She explained that the men then demanded that she “bring all the money” or they would end their lives. “They start kick my husband and beat he up. Then they come to me and take out my finger rings and earrings and still asking for money and keep on hitting my husband,” she added.

According to Dudhnath, the men then started to ransack the house. After not finding any cash, they threatened to chop off her son’s feet.

She recalled that one of the perpetrators said that he “”just come out from jail and want money.”

Dudhnath, who noted that the men seemed intoxicated, said they took her to the bedroom, where she gave them all the jewellery she owned.

Dudhnath then stated that they tied her and her husband’s hands and gagged them before putting them to lay on the living room floor. They took her mother-in-law to her room and demanded cash from her as well. “They fire couple lash on she and then them bring she out back and put she to lie down. Them collect me son and one was saying, ‘Banna, we got to go.’ Then they take my son to show the key for the house and then they take him outside to open the gate,” she recounted.

Additionally, Dudhnath said before the men fled, “One a them walk on we back and said if we holla them go bring the big guns and shoot us.”

The bandits made their escape through the backlands with eight cellular phones, three phablets, a laptop, a sum of cash and over $1 million in jewellery.

A police source told this newspaper that law enforcers are currently on the lookout in nearby villages for some “persons of interest,” whom were identified to investigators as possibly being responsible for the attack.

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