Guyana Islamic Trust provides hampers to 750 severed Rose Hall workers

Wazir Baksh

The Guyana Islamic Trust (GIT) on Sunday distributed 750 hampers costing around $2M to severed Rose Hall Estate sugar workers.

Wazir Baksh, member of the executive committee stated that after the retrenchment of sugar workers at the Canje estate, the organization met with persons there who explained that they anticipated that around March they would need assistance with food items.

“We came in and reached with the people and looked at long-term and short-term assistance”, he said.

He noted that on Sunday 350 hampers were handed out in Canefield Settlement, 150 in Cumberland Village, East Canje, Berbice and 250 hampers in Overwinning Village, East Bank Berbice.

He explained, that the hampers consist mostly of basic non-perishable food items such as “Channa, chowmein, oil, bread, spices and other basic foodstuff”.

Baksh, who resides in Annandale, East Coast Demerara noted that some ground work was done and they learnt that the severed sugar workers at Enmore and Skeldon were receiving some sort of donations from others as well, as such they thought it fitting to assist the former workers of Rose Hall Estate.

Some of the workers and their relatives receiving hampers

The former workers said that they were very grateful for the items. One lady explained that her husband is presently on the hunt for another job, as such his severance is the only thing keeping them going until he can secure another job.

Baksh, 56, said while the organisation has always given back to the community, they have never made such a large distribution before.

He also thanked Bakewell Bakery for contributing a large part to the hampers as well  as other persons from the Muslim community. “We hope this would not be our last, based on the support we receive we will always give back”, stressed Baksh.

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