Woman fined after sending false letters to co-worker

A woman was yesterday fined $20,000 for sending false letters to a co-worker.

The court of Magistrate Judy Latchman heard that Nicola Douglas during the month of December, 2017, with intent to annoy, sent a letter in the name of a Police Constable Morrison to Onika Jones.

The police said Douglas sent two letters to Jones, who reported the matter to the police. An analysis of the handwriting in the letters subsequently revealed that they were written by the accused.

Before her sentencing, Douglas, 30, stated that it takes two to start something. She told the court that the problem started because she is in a relationship with the Jones’ former boyfriend. She then said that the complainant would pass and stare at her. She then confronted the complainant and asked if she had a problem with her. She stated that Jones then told her that if she likes her job she should stick to it.

Magistrate Latchman fined the woman $20,000 or seven days in prison if she cannot pay the fine.

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