Albion man critical after shot by bandit

-suspect held

Jagdeo Ganesh, an Albion sugar estate worker is presently in critical condition in the ICU at the New Amsterdam Public Hospital after he was shot by bandits who invaded his parents’ home sometime around 9 pm yesterday.

The police last night placed one of the suspects under arrest and are presently hunting the others.

Gangapersaud Jadoo Ganesh, also known as `Ramesh’ and `Hassan’, 54, a pump attendant at Albion Estate for twenty years, of Lot 1 High Reef, Albion Corentyne told Stabroek News this morning, that he was in a room located in the lower flat of his house next to his kitchen with his wife, when the group of men armed with a gun, cutlasses, a piece of wood and a knife launched their attack.

Jagdeo Ganesh

“When me watch through the (room) door me see them and them ask them boy how much people in the house and me son say three”.

According to Ganesh, his son, Jagdeo Ganesh, also known as “Chucky”, 37,  grandson Aryan Ally, 15, and one of his church members Balram Lakeram, 31, were outside of the room also in the lower flat.

Ganesh explained, that the men started to broadside all three lads while questioning where the ‘head of the house deh’. He said, “After I see them fire the load, me brace the bedroom door and it knock one a them in he face and they fire another load and me tell me wife `hand me the thing! hand me the thing! and them run out because them mussy get frighten, but wah me get? me na get nothing”.

The elder Ganesh said it was after the bandits who were heavily masked escaped that his son said, “Daddy, daddy them shoot me”.

Stabroek News was told that Jagdeo was shot while he attempted to thwart the bandit armed with a gun when they attempted to break into the room in order to get to his parents.

Jagdeo, who sustained a gunshot wound to the right part of his chest, and two fractures on both arms was rushed to the Port Mourant Hospital and was subsequently transferred to the New Amsterdam Public Hospital last night, where he underwent emergency surgery.

His condition has been listed as critical in the ICU. However his father said, “He catch he self after the surgery and he asking for lil water but we couldn’t give him anything”.

The men who discharged a total of five rounds during the robbery escaped with $300,000 Guyana currency, US$350 and two cellular phones. “I put the money on the table to go spray this car today and that is what they take”, Ganesh said.

Commander of B Division, Lyndon Alves this morning confirmed that one suspect was in custody. He has since confessed to robbing Ganesh and his family, as well as being a part of a group who robbed two other families, one from Port Mourant and the other from Albion, Corentyne over the last two weeks. Alves also said that a .32 revolver was recovered. He added, “I told the ranks don’t rest until they find the other three”.


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