AFC says had no role in removal of columnists from Chronicle

The Alliance For Change today denied any role in the removal of two prominent columnists form the state-owned Guyana Chronicle.

A statement from the part follows:

The Alliance For Change restates its publicly known solemn and unwavering commitment to press freedom for which it struggled since its formation. The party acknowledges that Dr. David Hinds is hurt and concerned about recent events relating to the discontinuation of his column in the Chronicle newspaper. However, the situation unfolding as it did, cannot form the basis for purveying false accusations against the party.

The AFC vehemently refutes allegations that it must bear responsibility for the discontinuation the columns in question.

The AFC embraces the tenets of responsible journalism, analysis, critique and commentary and defends every citizen’s right to freedom of speech but this freedom must be counterweighed with the attendant responsibility of propagating credible information and specifically not to disseminate falsehoods or fake news.

The party reminds that though the Guyana National Newspapers Limited falls within the purview of the Office of the Prime Minister, Prime Minister Moses Nagamootoo has been out of Guyana for almost two months recovering from a medical procedure and neither him nor the Office of the Prime Minister had any involvement whatsoever in the decision.

At no time was the AFC involved in, or consulted, on any decision with regard to the status of Dr. Hinds’ column or any other for that matter, nor did any party executive issue any instructions or directive on this matter. There was no need or requirement to. The AFC’s position remains consistent with the party’s liberal democratic philosophy.


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