SOL launches motor oil made from natural gas

SOL Guyana Inc on March 27th launched Shell’s new motor oil formulation – the fully synthetic Helix Ultra range of premium lubricants manufactured from natural gas with patented Shell PurePlus Technology.

A press release from SOL said that Shell Helix Ultra is the company’s most technologically advanced lubricant to date and the first motor oil designed from natural gas.

Liz Wyatt, General Manager of SOL Guyana said the new motor oil “will give motorists in Guyana access to Shell’s latest and most advanced motor oil designed to deliver an exciting range of key benefits which meet the needs of modern engines”.

Ayanna Watson, Commercial and Lubricants Manager said that the launch “marks the culmination of 40 years of research in gas-to-liquid technology at Shell lubricants technology centres worldwide”.

The SOL release added that fuel economy benefits vary with viscosity grade but that certain products within the new range “can deliver an improvement of up to three percent in fuel economy”.

Shell Helix motor oils are distributed in Guyana by SOL Guyana Inc.

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