Police deny claims by Kaikan resident of brutality

Commander of ‘F’ Division of the Guyana Police Force, Kevin Adonis has denied allegations of brutality  made against members of the police and army.

A resident of Kaikan Village, on the Cuyuni River, has alleged brutality by members of the Guyana Police and Guyana Defence Forces, who are in the community, and villagers have called for a thorough investigation to be carried out.

Stabroek News was reliably informed that a 21 year old resident, O’Neil Melbourne was arrested by police and soldiers, subsequent to a report, of him being involved in a fight during the wee hours of Friday morning. Melbourne is claiming that he was brutalized while in custody.

“What was reported to me was that the victim [Melbourne] was involved in a fight with a man who, he owed money, and he was beaten. The military persons are the ones who actually rescued him and took him for medical attention,” the police commander said.

Adonis stated further that the accused in the matter will also be facing charges.

A resident who asked not to be named related that Melbourne and a friend were consuming alcohol at a bar some distance away from the village, when they had an argument which led to a scuffle.

“At the time, a military officer was at the place, and he called the soldier and police. They came and arrested him, and said he had a gun and ammunition, and take him to the station,” the resident recounted.

He further stated that it was while he was in the compound, which is shared by the army and police, that Melbourne was subjected to the allegedly brutality upon denying he was in possession of gun and ammunitions.

“People heard him crying out and telling the officers he doesn’t have any gun, but they still beat him …,” the resident said, while adding that after the man was released hours after being arrested, marks of violence were seen about his body.

“They gun butt him and burst his head, and his body had black and blue marks. The Toshao took him to the health centre and a military medex stitched the burst on his head and told him to keep quiet,” the man stated.

The resident noted that over the years the village and the security forces have not shared a friendly relationship and they have been working on it, but the issue at hand will only make matters worse.

Stabroek News was unable to make contact with the Public Relations Officer of the Guyana Defence Force. Calls made went unanswered.

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