Nurses stage sit-in at Linden Hospital Complex over drug shortage

Nurses at the Linden Hospital Complex have been “sitting in” due to a shortage in medical supplies and the Public Health Ministry says that they are currently addressing the issue.

A press release yesterday from the Ministry of Public Health explained that they are addressing an issue where the nurses have begun sitting in due to the Hospital complex being in short supply of some medical supplies.

The statement explained that on March 6, 18, and 21, the Hospital ordered medical supplies from the Materials Management Unit (MMU) but were not supplied with the amount they had asked for.

On the first day, March 6, while they requested 24 items, they only received 16. On the second day, March 18, while they ordered 174 items, they were only provided with 91.

The statement added that while it is normal for the hospital to purchase drugs and medical supplies whenever there is a shortage, they were unable to do so this time because they had already spent all of the monies that had been allocated.

As a result, the Ministry of Public Health started to put necessary measures in place to “correct this anomaly” and currently they are in the process of clearing some containers of key medical supplies.

“The management of the Linden Hospital Complex was never notified of the intended ‘sit in’ by the Guyana Public Service Union nor its Linden Representative,” the statement added.

Stabroek News was unable to get a comment from the Guyana Public Service Union and its Linden Representative.

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