PI into murder of America St money changer begins

George Hope

The Preliminary Inquiry for the two men accused of the murder of America Street money changer Shawn Nurse, commenced yesterday before Principal Magistrate Judy Latchman.

Kerwin Dos Santos and George Hope were charged for the murder in February and remanded to prison.

The preliminary trial began with Police photographer Corporal Orlando Alleyne testifying. The trial was then adjourned until April 20th.

Kerwin Dos Santos

When Dos Santos and Hope were first brought to court the prosecutor stated that there are 20 witnesses set to testify at the preliminary inquiry.

Previous reports indicate that Nurse, 47, a father of three, of the South Ruimveldt Shopping Plaza, was shot once in the face, just under the left eye at the corner of America Street and the Avenue of the Republic.

The police had said that the victim was seated on a

Shawn Nurse

chair at the corner of America Street and Avenue of the Republic when the armed perpetrator approached him from a northern direction with the weapon drawn and demanded that he hand over his money.

Nurse, the police said, put up resistance and the perpetrator discharged a round, hitting him in his face.

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