Human resource officers in gender equality session

The workshop in session (DPI photo)

Human Resource Officers (HROs) and Managers in the various government and other agencies are being trained to serve as focal points for Gender Affairs.

The training by the Ministry of Social Protection at its office in Cornhill Street is in keeping with the Government’s strategy of achieving gender equality in the workplace, the Department of Public Information (DPI) said.

Manager of the Gender Affairs Bureau, Adel Lilly said “What we will do is to clarify and have a discussion on the concept of gender. We will talk about what is gender, what is sex, what are the other paradigms, we will discuss stereotypes in Guyana and then we will look at gender mainstreaming… this will be very important for planners and persons who work in senior management positions within the different ministries.”

Case studies will also be provided to the trainees, on how gender mainstreaming in the workplace can be implemented.

Director of Social Services Wentworth Tanner said “This training will assist participants (in realising) the interconnected processes of environmental, social and economic change while clarifying the relevance of social factors and the need for social inclusion. Gender and social inclusion are essential components of the development process and are continually refined whenever men and women engage in the challenge of transformation in communities,” Tanner said.

DPI said that the result will see newly trained Gender Affairs focal point agents playing a significant role in partnering with the Ministry of Social Protection to implement the National Gender and Social Inclusion Policy.

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