Bandits pounce on Little Diamond employees returning from bank

The Ideal Service Center at Diamond, East Bank Demerara where the incident occurred.

Armed bandits yesterday morning attacked several employees of Ideal Autos Incorporated as they were about to enter their Little Diamond, East Bank Demerara business premises shortly after returning from a commercial bank.

Stabroek News was reliably informed that the incident occurred around 11am yesterday at Lot 549 Little Diamond as the staff members were  in a vehicle waiting for the security to open the gate to the premises.

Reports revealed that the staff had just returned from a commercial bank where they had conducted a ‘paper transaction’ when three men, who were all armed with handguns and masked, approached the vehicle. The bandits assaulted the driver before relieving the other occupants of their personal belongings and escaping.

It is suspected that the bandits trailed the employees from the bank in the belief that they were there to conduct a cash withdrawal.

Vice President and Chief Operating Officer of the company, Jailall Ragnauth related to reporters that the ordeal lasted for about fifteen minutes, after which the men escaped.

“As far as I am told the vehicle (company) just came back, they (staff) went and did a bank transaction; it was no money transaction, it was a paperwork transaction and they came back and they were awaiting security to open the gate to come in and some silver car came up and four guys, I was told they stuck up the driver and the staff in the vehicle, took away her purse and they went way with it”, Ragnauth related.

He said the incident has left the employees fearful for their lives. “I mean it is very sudden and shocking, I mean we operate a business here and we don’t do no cash transaction at the location because we know of the high risk involved”, Ragnauth said.

The police were alerted and Ragnauth said they promptly arrived at the scene and took statements and dusted the vehicle for fingerprints.

Meanwhile, the security guard, who wished not to be named related that he was just about to open the gate, when he noticed the bandits exiting a vehicle.

“I went fuh water and when I coming out fuh open the gate I see a car, three men deh outside and the car park, the fourth man was de driver…. I just run”, the guard said.

The Ideal Service Center at Diamond, East Bank Demerara where the incident occurred.

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