Skeldon Estate Staff Compound converted to ‘Heritage Resort’

NICIL-SPU yesterday announced that the Skeldon Estate Staff Compound has been converted into the ‘Skeldon Heritage Resort’.

In a statement, it said that this development at Skeldon helps to preserve some of the history and culture of the sugarcane industry in Guyana.  Skeldon is one of the sugar estates up for privatization/divestment.

Head of NICIL-SPU, Colvin Heath-London said that “Sugarcane has been a major part of Guyana’s culture for decades. It is vital that we preserve the history and culture of the sugarcane industry, as it plays a necessary role, in enabling us to learn from our past and prepares us for greater future achievements.”

Situated in the heart of the community, the release said that the Skeldon Heritage Resort, can provide a boost to the tourism sector, both local and foreign. Estate Manager, Rama Persaud, stated, “The facilities are wide ranging. From facilities that are ideal for corporate retreats, to camping facilities for kids and vacation facilities for all. Guests who are seeking peace and quiet can enjoy a relaxing environment and take in the sites of this historic sugar plantation.”

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