Cummings Lodge guard dies after being hit by car in Sophia

An elderly cyclist was fatally struck by a car last evening along Dennis Street, Sophia, Greater Georgetown.

Mohanram Kelawan, 70, of 725 South Cummings Lodge, Sixth Field, East Coast Demerara, was declared dead at the scene. The driver of the car was taken into police custody

Kelawan, who was a security guard at the University of Guyana, was riding home at the time of the accident.

His wife, Nandranie Kelawan, said a neighbour visited their home and informed her of the accident.

She explained that when she arrived at the scene, Emergency Medical Technicians were checking her husband for a pulse but found none. She said they then informed police he had passed away.

The woman stated that she last saw her husband yesterday afternoon before he left to visit his sister.

At the scene, residents gathered but indicated that they did not see what occurred. Persons at the scene said only a side view mirror on the car was broken and no other damage was seen. The bicycle Kelawan was riding was not mangled either.

As a result of the accident, residents of the community called for speed bumps to be placed along the road and for the street lights to be put back on.

“Look, a month ago a car knock down the post. GPL [Guyana Power and Light] men come, remove the post and cut off the light.  We want back we street lights,” a resident said.

“We have to wait how long to cross this road. The drivers don’t get time with you. They driving ‘Vroom! Vroom! Speed! Speed!’ on this road. We want speed bumps,” another added.

Meanwhile, at the scene last evening the police were criticised for not being prepared. Residents said when they arrived at the scene, the police were not in possession of spray paint to mark the area where the Kelawan was found lying motionless.

It was after his body was removed from the scene that one of his sons arrived with spray paint and marked the area.

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