Linden miner feared dead after boat sinks in Mazaruni River

A 26-year-old miner is now feared dead after the metal boat he was travelling in sank in the Mazaruni River last Wednesday evening.

The mishap took place around 10 pm on Wednesday, when Damion Brisport, a resident of Lot 34 One Mile, Wismar, Linden, and two other men were in the vessel. The boat reportedly hit an object, causing it to go down.

Brisport’s two companions were rescued, while he was not found. He is suspected to have drowned.

A police source told Sunday Stabroek that ranks from the division have since been combing the Mazaruni River in search of Brisport’s body. However, up to yesterday afternoon, they had still found no signs of it.

This newspaper was also told that Brisport and two other men were seen drinking at Poppy Show Landing earlier in the day.

They subsequently left and several minutes after persons in the area heard screams coming from the river.

There was an immediate response but residents were only able to rescue Brisport’s companions, while he was nowhere to be seen.

This newspaper was also told that the owner of the boat is currently in Georgetown and Brisport took the vessel without permission.

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