Police leadership meets divisional traffic heads on road fatalities

Acting Police Commissioner David Ramnarine, Traffic Chief Ramesh Ashram and other senior police officers met on Friday with the heads of the force’s divisional traffic units on road fatalities, which continue to occur at the same rate as last year.

A brief statement from the Guyana Police Force yesterday said the meeting was held to review “the current traffic situation, particularly regarding road traffic fatalities and contributing factors thereto.”

The force gave comparative figures for January 1st to April 15th, 2017 (30 fatal accidents, with 33 deaths, including one child) and 2018 (29 fatal accidents, with 32 deaths, including one child).

It explained that “the current unacceptable situation” indicates that the Guyana Police Force’s Traffic Department must immediately enhance the education of road users and enforcement of the traffic laws.

The statement added that the traffic personnel benefited from an analysis of the traffic situation, particularly fatal accidents, by the Police Policy Analyst and the effective utilisation of human and other resources for road safety was also reviewed.

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