Region Four Education Dep’t clears Diamond-Grove HM of allegations

Wendy Norville

The Region Four Department has publicly cleared the Headteacher of the Diamond-Grove Primary School, Wendy Norville of allegations of abusive leadership while declaring that her accuser has lied to “create strife and mischief.”

In a press statement on Thursday the department noted that the Headteacher had been accused via the letters column of the daily newspapers of  having managed in a dictatorial way, refused to refund monies used for the purchasing of services and materials as well as being un-cooperative and deliberately creating undue challenges for teachers at the learning institution.

The statement explained that a team led by Education Officer, Primary, Stembiso Grant and including senior GTU Regional Vice President, Collis Nicholson visited the school and held discussions with the head teacher and the senior staff members.

“After a thorough investigation, it was discovered that the teacher making the allegations was doing so to create strife and mischief as the allegations were not only baseless but untrue. It was noted that her actions were bent on creating confusion and disunity,” the statement said.

According to the department Norville has been vindicated and the senior staff while distancing themselves from the letter that was written by a teacher have agreed to work in a more harmonious manner after ironing out some issues.

A decision has however been taken to “make additional training available to aid in the development of management and working relationship skills among the teaching staff” as a more cohesive approach would be taken towards advancing the welfare and interest of the school.

Senior Mistress, Delese Richmond is quoted as having spoken to the visiting team about the complainant’s “unwillingness to cooperate with the head teacher, urging both parties to work together.’

“It’s evident that the said teacher, doesn’t want to work with our HM. I mean we have a strong- headed HM, but the reality is that she does her work and in my mind works too hard, and while I would like her to get some rest it’s no secret that the teacher doesn’t want to work along with her,” Richmond said.

She called upon the Education Department to visit more often, urging them to recognise that the interest of the school children must be put first, thus ensuring that the school can continue its efforts within the communities that it serves.

Meanwhile, the Education Department though expressing disappointment in the approach taken by the teacher in going to the media without first allowing the department to conduct its investigation said that it is pleased that the matter has been resolved while reaffirming its support and satisfaction with the performance of the Head Teacher.

It further urged teachers to adhere to the department’s standard operating procedures stressing that the department remains committed in ensuring that all concerns, issues and differences are amicably and positively resolved.

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