Fake doctor gets 25 years for raping teen he lured home

Trevone Anthony Giles

Trevone Anthony Giles was yesterday morning sentenced to 25 years behind bars for the rape of a 15-year-old girl, whom he lured to his house, after pretending that he was a doctor.

Giles, who celebrates his 31st birthday today, was convicted two weeks ago but his sentencing was deferred to facilitate a probation report requested by his attorney.

In imposing the sentence, Justice Jo-Ann Barlow noted the lengths to which the convict had gone to deceive the young girl, to whom he had also administered medication which caused her abdominal discomfort.

Owing to such aggravating factors, the judge ordered that Giles is to spend the full 25 years as she found no mitigating circumstances for which any deductions from the sentence could be considered.

Probation and Social Services Officer Pamela Atwell, who presented the probation report, said that the former teacher, who was also a hospital staffer, was described by colleagues as a “brainer.”

She said that persons she interviewed spoke of how persuasive and cunning he was, while noting that he would often times swindle persons of their money with the promise of repaying but never did.

She said that his mother expressed shock and embarrassment at the charge, and she noted that he was a good son who grew up in church, was always helpful and pursued academic advancement.

Atwell said, however, that the woman surmised that after leaving the family home, her son may have started associating differently.

Meanwhile, the probation officer said that her interview with the survivor’s mother revealed the trauma she still faces as she tries to find her way emotionally and physically.

She said the woman related that the assault had taken such a toll on her daughter that she had contemplated suicide and had gone to the extent of putting a date to it. The court was, however, assured that the young woman continues to receive counselling and all necessary support required to deal with post-trauma.

Atwell reminded that while the convict continues to maintain his innocence by claims of having been framed by the young woman, the jury had found him guilty and the court had to execute its mandate to impose whatever punishment it deemed fit to deter potential offenders.

A strong message, she said, needed to be sent to society that such acts will not be condoned in any form or fashion.

Meanwhile, in a victim impact statement presented on behalf of the survivor by her support person, Leandra Thompson, of Blossom Inc., the court heard of the flashback episodes from which she still suffers.

The now 17-year-old girl, according to the statement, spoke of her pride as a female being taken away as a result of the assault which she described as having left her in a dark and sorrowful world.

“I see the world differently. I don’t know what it means to have friends. I want to be in my own world which is empty,” the statement quoted the survivor as saying.

For his part, defence attorney Clyde Forde, presenting a plea in mitigation, begged the court for leniency. He noted a snake bite his client had suffered a decade ago and noted that it has caused him heart and liver complaints.

Counsel asked for a light sentence also to afford the convict the opportunity of returning to his family and daughter and a chance to be able to make a meaningful contributions to society.

In handing down the 25-year sentence, Justice Barlow emphasised that she had found no factors to mitigate and made it clear that he is to serve the full amount imposed.

The judge told the convict she found that he had used threats and deceit well to carry out the despicable act. The court lamented the seriousness of Giles having given the young girl medication, noting it was fortunate that she had not suffered worse than the abdominal discomfort.

The judge told the man he had abused a position of trust, adding that while an adult may not have gone to his home in the circumstances, the teen could not be expected to reason as an adult and that the matter had to be dealt with in the manner she (the survivor) so rationalised.

Referencing the victim impact statement, the judge stressed, “Your actions have led her to a dark place.”

Justice Barlow made it clear to both counsel and convict that the medical issues raised could not mitigate the sentence.

Having considered all the circumstances, the judge said she found 25 years to be an appropriate sentence.

An expressionless Giles did not himself address the court.   The father of one was convicted on April 11th on one of two counts of rape of a child under the age of 16.

After about two hours of deliberations, the 12-member mixed jury had returned with a unanimous verdict, finding Giles guilty of raping the young girl on January 14th, 2016.

He was, however, acquitted on the second count which alleged that he raped the girl three days after.

The jury’s verdict on this count was also unanimous. The trial proceedings were held in-camera at the Sexual Offences Court of the George-town High Court.

The state was represented by Prosecutors Narissa Leander, Tiffini Lyken and Abigail Gibbs.

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