Junior ranks implicated in driver exam fraud removed from posts -Ramnarine

Assistant Commissioner David Ramnarine

Three subordinate ranks, who have been implicated in the plot to corrupt the most recent sitting of the Guyana Police Force’s learner driver theoretical examination, have been removed from their respective posts.

Acting Police Commissioner David Ramnarine said on Friday that the ranks, who were stationed at the Guyana Police Force’s Traffic Headquarters, were removed from their posts based on the findings of a preliminary investigation, which indicated that they had a “significant hand” in the scam.

“…And as many more that would have to be removed as long as this investigation unfolds and indicates so, that is the course of action we would have to take,” Ramnarine noted.

“…I took a position and wouldn’t wait until the completion of the investigation. There are certain actions that are inherent in an investigation and once those actions prove that there is a certain level of culpability on the part of members of the force, in this investigation, as it is ongoing, I will take the incremental action as required,” he added.

When asked if there were indications of payments being made to the ranks, Ramnarine said while he did not have that information, there has always been a high level of suspicion. “Why would you take the risk of getting involved to that extent if there were not a financial consideration?” he questioned, while noting that he expected that as the investigation continues this question would be answered.

The Guyana Police Force recently announced that the Office of Professional Responsibility (OPR) launched an investigation into “seemingly massive irregularities” in the examination, which was conducted at the Felix Austin Police College in Georgetown.

It said the investigation was launched after a report was made to Ramnarine by a senior pastor, who received complaints from a colleague who invigilated the examination.

A Guyana Police Force statement explained that while a total of 174 persons registered to write the examination, only 106 presented themselves on the day in question. However, it said 207 scripts were received at the conclusion of the examination, 155 of which were completed.

“Initial enquiries revealed that a Senior Subordinate Officer who was mandated to oversee this theoretical examination in collaboration with two pastors from the Cops and Faith Community Network partnership with the Guyana Police Force, along with three junior ranks, left the examination venue shortly after the examination commenced and did not return,” the statement explained, while noting that the three constables left the examination venue prior to the counting of the examination scripts by members of the Cops and Faith Community Network after the conclusion of the examination.

It added that a junior officer who ought not to have been at the examination venue also presented himself, spent some time and left.

“Only the members of the Cops and Faith Community Network, that is the two pastors, were left in possession of the completed examination papers,” it noted.

According to the press statement, these preliminary enquiries indicate a complete breach of the Standard Operating Procedures governing the administration and conduct of the learner driver’s theoretical examination.

As a result, the statement further noted that persons who sat the examination will have to re-sit it at a date and time which will be announced.

Ramnarine said on Friday that he was informed that the persons who were “genuinely” present to sit the examination had since been contacted and provided with a new date when they will have to re-sit it.

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