Youth jailed for breaching grandmother’s protection order

Tavell Brown

After admitting to breaching the protection order that his 85-year-old grandmother had been granted against him, a man was yesterday sentenced to 14 days in jail for the crime.

Principal Magistrate Judy Latchman read the charge to Tavell Brown, 23, that on April 26th, at E 22 Guyhoc Gardens, Georgetown, he breached a protection order issued by Magistrate Leron Daly.

Brown pleaded guilty to the crime.

Police prosecutor Arvin Moore told the city court that the defendant is the grandson of the complainant and is in the habit of verbally abusing her. He added that a protection order was granted on April 24th against Brown. On April 26th, the prosecutor noted, Brown nonetheless went to the complainant’s home and began to verbally abuse her. A report was later made at the East La Penitence Police Station and Brown was arrested.

Brown’s grandmother told the court that she could not tolerate her grandson’s behaviour any longer.

When asked by the magistrate if he was working, Brown said he was not before adding that there are no jobs in the country.  He was then asked why he has his grandmother taking care of him when he should be the one taking care of her.

Prior to sentencing the accused, Magistrate Latchman told Brown that she took into consideration the seriousness of the crime and the need to promote obedience to the orders of the court. He was then sentenced to 14 days in jail and was encouraged to turn over a new leaf.

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