Editors, media managers must fight restrictions on free expression

Editors and other media managers need to stand up to those in authority and influence those who seek to impose restrictions on freedom of expression because of their dislike of the opinions of others, says Guyana Press Association (GPA) President Nazima Raghubir.

Raghubir cited, in this instance, the decision by “the state-owned and government-controlled Guyana Chronicle” to discontinue the contributions by columnists Professor David Hinds and trade unionist Lincoln Lewis.

In a statement on the occasion of World Press Freedom Day observed yesterday, under the theme “Keeping Power in Check: Media, Justice and the Rule of Law”, Raghubir told journalists at a lecture held at Moray House Trust, Camp and Quamina streets that the GPA “has observed the increasing frequency among certain media houses of deliberately slanting their stories” in keeping with their owners’ political preference…..