Four years jail for ganja on Broad St

Kurt Steele

A 20-year-old man was yesterday sentenced to four years in prison on a ganja trafficking charge.

The charge alleged that Kurt Steele on May 4th at Broad Street, Charlestown had in his possession 453 grammes of cannabis for the purpose of trafficking.

Steele pleaded guilty to the charge. He stated that he was taking the said narcotic to another person and that he had found it.

The facts presented by police Prosecutor Arvin Moore stated that on the day in question police ranks were on patrol when they saw the accused riding a bicycle holding a black plastic bag in his hand. He was stopped by the patrol and a search was carried out. A quantity of leaves, seeds and stems, suspected to be cannabis was found in the black plastic bag wrapped in a transparent plastic. He was told of the offence then taken to the Ruimveldt Police Station.

Magistrate Judy Latchman then fined the man $30,000 along with four years imprisonment.

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