GRA revives Inspector of Taxes training

The Guyana Revenue Authority (GRA) has resumed a training programme that seeks to boost the professionalism of the Authority’s human resource capacity.

A GRA release on Monday said that the initiative, the Inspector of Taxes Training Programme, was a prominent feature of training in the late 1990s under the then Inland Revenue Department that sought to equip officers with functional skills in Internal Revenue.

The 2018 programme, modeled after the former, began on April 19 as a refresher course for Senior Officers.

This will be followed in the coming months by the Trainee Inspector of Taxes programmes.

The release added that the modules of training will include Income Tax and Related Acts, Audit, Case Law, Accounts and other tax associated academics.

Officers at various levels within the GRA will be given the opportunity to apply and those successful will attain the technical knowledge and credentials required for elevation in rank and attendant increments. Consideration will also be given for a similar training at the level of Customs Excise and Trade Operations.

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