Lusignan mechanic shot during suspected robbery

An East Coast Demerara bodywork mechanic was last evening shot during a suspected robbery and is now a patient at the Georgetown Public Hospital.

The injured man is 37-year-old Uraj Ramdin of 298 Grass side, Lusignan, East Coast Demerara. He sustained a gunshot wound to the right of his face during the attack.

His wife Pam Ramdin last night told Stabroek News that it was around 7pm when they were over at her mother-in-law’s residence in Mon Repos, celebrating Mother’s Day when a lone gunman launched his attack.

“All a we was drinking upstairs and the children were playing outside and we hear the children dem run upstairs and start holler Bandit! Bandit!” the woman related.

‘Me husband run down first and I was behind he but all I hear something go off like a squib. When I run down I see my husband by the door and he get shoot at the side of he face here and me run back up,” she added.

According to Pam everything happened so quickly that she only got a fleeting view of the gunman as he fled but could not identify him as his entire face was covered.

She said when the family averaged that the gunman had left they swiftly went to her husband’s aid and he was conscious but bleeding profusely.

Taxi services were called to get the man to the hospital but all of the services said they had no cars available and this saw a 10-minute delay in getting the man to the hospital as they had to wait on a relative who rushed the man to the GPHC.

It is unclear who notified the police but Mrs. Ramdin said that as they were placing her husband in his cousin’s car the police arrived at the scene and some assisted in escorting them to the hospital.

Up to press time Uraj Ramdin was listed by medical personnel as being in a stable condition and he is expected to undergo tests.

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