Families of missing fishermen want updated info

- survivor to return to Guyana after wife’s burial

One the bodies being taken to a mortuary after being retrieved earlier this month from the Wai Wai Bank in Suriname by marine guards.

The families of the men who remain missing from the horrific April 27 attack in Surinamese waters remain in a state of grief and they want updated information from the authorities.

In the April 27 attack during which fishermen were beaten, chopped and thrown overboard with  batteries strapped to their legs, only five men, Daramdrew Persaud, Sherwin Lovell, 42, Anil Lall, 18 of Marienburg, Suriname, Deonarine Goberdan and Marvin (only name given) from Meerzorg, Suriname survived.

So far, the authorities in Suriname have found three bodies, while a fourth body washed up on the Number 63, Corentyne Beach last week. The body found on the Number 63 Beach is suspected to be that of Gavin Outar, 33, due to a distinctive tattoo on the left side of his chest. Samples have been taken from relatives for DNA testing so a formal identification of the four bodies could be done.

The missing fishermen identified so far are: Tilaknauth Mohabir, 50, also known as ‘Kai’; Danesh Persaud; Ralph Anthony Couchman, 19, also known as ‘Burnham’; Ramesh Sancharra, 48; Glenroy Jones, 21; Ramnarine Singh; Bharat Heeralall also known as “Record”, 49; Lalta Persaud known as “Poddock”, 42, Mahesh Sarjoo, 35, Rajkumar Bissessar,  Looknarine Persaud and Lookesh Decouite, 50.

According to some of the men’s relatives, they are unaware as to what exactly is going on with the matter. Mohabir’s relatives relayed yesterday that they are not in contact with the authorities. One of the man’s nieces said, “The (Guyana) embassy called us but they ask us to contact them when we know anything”.

The woman noted that they have been told that the authorities are continuing to search for the missing men, however, they said no-one has met with them to confirm this. “We don’t know what’s happening, no-one telling us anything”, she said.

According to the relative, two weeks ago they received some food items from the authorities.

Other relatives in Guyana of the other men are at a loss also as to what exactly is transpiring in Suriname in relation to the supposed search.

Couchman’s cousin, Malinda Bowery yesterday noted, that she and other relatives travelled to Suriname a week ago on their own finances and returned without any new information as to what is happening. “Nobody ain’t telling we anything, the embassy visited my aunt who lives in Nickerie (Suriname) and said they were sorry for our loss”. She added, “Honestly I don’t think we need that right now, because that is all we have been hearing since this thing happen, we want information as to what is going on, we want them to keep us abreast with everything, we want them to keep in contact and tell us exactly what they are doing”, the woman declared.

Additionally Bowery noted, that it is quite expensive for her aunt to travel to the police station to seek information. “My aunt traveling on her own expense, no-one is telling us anything, no-one is assisting with anything”, the young woman relayed.

Meanwhile, Heeralall’s daughter, Lisa Heeralall yesterday also said they would be grateful to be kept informed by the authorities in Suriname and Guyana of the latest developments. Heeralall yesterday noted, that her aunt is presently in Suriname, however, she will soon have to return as no-one at that end is telling her much.

According to the woman, the aunt’s trip to Suriname for the DNA testing was financed by the relatives themselves.

Returning home

Meanwhile, one of the survivors, Sherwin Lovell, 42, yesterday noted that he plans to return to Guyana sometime after his wife’s funeral on Wednesday. “No, no, no, I’m coming back to Guyana”, the man told this newspaper yesterday when asked about where he plans to stay.

Lovell further explained, that he is “broke” and does not know where or who to turn to, as such he plans to return to Guyana to nurse his injuries. “People help me with money to bury me wife, all the money a had, a pay the money to look after me girl (funeral)”, “Right now i’m broken, right now I ain’t get a cent…When I come Guyana I can’t do anything, can’t do no work, a still get my injuries”, he relayed.

Additionally Lovell stressed, “Guyana government ain’t give me nothing, I go to the embassy and the ambassador say he gone help me with the transportation to go back to Guyana”.

The survivor is pleading for some sort of assistance from the authorities.

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