Three on assault charges after affair accusation ends in seawall scrap

Laurel Gill

Three persons were yesterday arraigned on assault charges following a scrap along the Kingston Seawall, where a husband said he saw his wife out with another man.

Laurel Gill initially pleaded guilty at the Georgetown Magistrate’s Court to the charge that on May 10th, at Kingston Seawall Road, he unlawfully assaulted Seon Meredith to cause him bodily harm.

The prosecution’s case is that Gill saw the complainant out with his common-law wife and took out a knife and attacked him.

Seon Meredith

Gill, however, told Principal Magistrate, Judy Latchman that he saw the complainant with his wife, Telecia Dazzel, and he believed that they were having an affair. He then stated that he did not attack Meredith with a knife. After his explanation, the court entered a not guilty plea on his behalf.

The second charge alleged that Gill on the same day assaulted Dazzel to cause her actual bodily harm. The woman suffered a laceration to her left leg and also abrasions about her body.

Gill pleaded not guilty to this charge.

He was subsequently granted $40,000 bail on the first charge and $80,000 on the second charge.

Meredith was also charged.

The charge alleged that on May 10th, at Kingston Seawall Road, he unlawfully assaulted Gill.

The police say Gill reached into a car to remove the keys when Meredith dealt him several cuffs to his face.

Meredith denied the allegation and told the court that Gill has accused him of having an affair with his wife, which he denied. He then stated that it is not the first time that Gill attacked him with a knife. The man said that he was in a vehicle fixing Dazzel’s stereo when Gill reached through the window of the car and attacked him with a knife, which he dodged by reclining the seat. He said while trying to escape he sustained a stab to his ankle.

After his plea, the court placed Meredith on $30,000 bail.

Dazzel, meanwhile, was also charged with assaulting Gill.

The charge stated that on May 10th, at Kingston Seawall Road, she assaulted Gill.

The woman denied the allegation and told the court that it was an attempt to tarnish her character.

The police’s case against her is that while Gill reached into the car to remove the keys, she kicked him as Meredith dealt him several cuffs.

She was granted her release on $30,000 bail.

All the proceedings against the three were adjourned until May 21st.

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