Guyana woman in St Kitts died of asphyxia -autopsy

Petronella Hinds, the Guyanese woman who was found dead in St. Kitts last week, died as a result of asphyxia due to Broncho Aspiration of Gastric Content, according to a post-mortem performed on her body.

A release from the police on the island said that the post mortem was performed on Monday by Dr. Adrian Nunez-Quintana.

Hinds, a Guyanese who lived with her Guyanese husband and their two children in St. Kitts, was found dead on May 10th in a house that was not her home.

According to a press release last week from the police, around 3:45 p.m. on May 10th they received a report from medical services that they had responded to an emergency call and found 34-year-old Hinds dead.

Stabroek News understands that a male remains in custody and maybe charged with involuntary   manslaughter.