Suriname cop’s murder suspected to be reprisal for fatal attack on fishers

Ravikant Premcharan, the 23-year-old Surinamese policeman who was discovered dead in a vehicle in Paramaribo on Sunday, is suspected to have been killed in an act of revenge after the recent fatal attack on almost two dozen fishers off the coast of Suriname.

Premcharan was shot and stabbed about his body, confirming that his death was not a suicide, as initially suspected by authorities in Suriname. 

Surinamese media had reported that Premcharan was found dead in a vehicle on Passiebloemstraat in Paramaribo, Suriname on Sunday.

A report from the Dagblad Suriname newspaper yesterday stated that when Premcharan’s body was removed from the vehicle, it was discovered that the perpetrators had cut his neck…..