Horse-drawn carts to be banned from Alexander St

The Mayor and Councillors of the city of Georgetown yesterday said that it has given notice of removal to those individuals who operate horse-drawn carts around the Nurses Association building on Alexander Street, Bourda.

A statement from the city yesterday said that  the carts present an ugly picture of the capital and compromise the public health of the neighbourhood.

“The dung and urine from the horses, which is not cleaned up by those, who drive them create a stench and a suitable breathing place for flies and other disease carrying pests”, the statement said.

Sometime ago, it said that the Council had suggested that those owners of horse drawn carts should get their animals receptacles for waste. However, this was not complied with by owners of horses.

As a result, the Council will prevent all such horse-drawn carts from operating particularly in the central business district, in the city of Georgetown.

Those, who congregate around the Nurses Association building, will be the first to be removed, early next week, the city said.  

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