Two alleged bandits killed after attempted robbery

Two men, alleged to be bandits, were killed earlier today after they attempted to commit a robbery at a D’ Urban Street, Georgetown store.

Confirmed dead by family members are Trevor Barrow, 26, and Calvin Edwards, 27.

Barrow was killed inside the variety store that was allegedly targeted by the men on D’ Urban Street. It is unclear if he was shot by the business owner, who is a licensed firearm holder, or the police.

The scene outside the store on D’Urban Street, Georgetown, where one of the alleged robbers was killed

Edwards, a plumber, was later fatally shot by police in a house where he sought refuge on Bent Street, Werk-en-Rust.

After the robbery was aborted, Edwards, who was shot to one of his feet, managed to flee the scene.

The shooting on D’Urban Street occurred sometime around 10.35 am, while the shooting of Edwards on Bent Street occurred sometime after 12.20 pm.

Eyewitnesses said Edwards ran from Hadfield Street into an alleyway and then entered the Bent Street house through a back door, which was open.

A male occupant of the house and his 13-year-old daughter were taken for questioning by police after the shooting.

Relatives of the deceased men objected to them being killed. They said the lethal force used by the police was unwarranted as the men could have been arrested.


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