Harmon meets with La Parfaite Harmonie robbery victims

Minister of State Joseph Harmon with Samantha Thakurdeen (at left), her husband Naresh Persaud (at right) and the couple’s children. (Ministry of the Presidency photo)

Minister of State Joseph Harmon on Thursday visited La Parfaite Harmonie, West Bank Demerara businessman Naresh Persaud and his family, who were brutalised and robbed in a home invasion.

Persaud, the proprietor of the N&S General Store, was brutalised by the bandits in front of his wife and children last Wednesday morning before their three attackers made good their escape with cash and other items.

A statement issued by the Ministry of the Presidency on Friday said Harmon visited the family to offer words of support in wake of the attack, which “touched” him.

It added that Harmon assured Persaud that the government takes seriously the safety and security of its citizens. 

He also noted that tenders have already been placed for the construction of a full-service police station at La Parfaite Harmonie.

In response, the statement said, Persaud expressed his gratitude to the minister for taking the time to sympathise with him.

Harmon was accompanied on the visit by Region Three Deputy Regional Executive Officer Jennifer Ferreira-Dougal and other regional officers, the statement added.

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