Measures needed to protect miners from Sindicato gangs

In wake of the recent armed attack on a Cuyuni mining camp, where over two dozen miners were robbed, President of the Guyana Women Miners Organisation (GWMO) Urica Primus says she is hopeful that the resuscitated Hinterland Intelligence Committee can put measures in place to protect miners against the feared “Sindicato” gangs reported to be operating here.

Speaking to Sunday Stabroek yesterday, Primus said that the organisation’s members  as well as other miners working in areas close to the Guyana/Venezuela border have been expressing concerns about the presence of the gangs since the middle of last year.

The intelligence committee, which comprises a number of stakeholders, was set up by government to address security issues in hinterland areas. The GWMO received a formal invitation recently to attend a committee meeting, which is scheduled for later this month.

The GWMO at the moment has approximately 40 members working in areas along the border…..